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Welcome Louise!

We are super happy to announce that Louise of  ‘Yoga with Louise Live Stream’ is joining us as a Brand Ambassador for Yoga Essentials (in fact we were doing extra Sun Salutations in the office this morning!), she is a great asset to our team.
Louise is a seasoned Yoga and Pilates teacher who teaches a fusion of Hatha, Kripalu, Vini and Vinyasa (infused with core Pilates principles). She has 25 years of experience on the Yoga mat. Louise is a firm believer that you must “play where you are”, finding what works best for you and never comparing yourself to anyone else as we are all unique. She encourages students to progress at their own pace, exploring their own boundaries, whilst honouring their own body’s need in each moment.

She admits to being a perpetual yoga student, who loves mindful movement and the physical and mental benefits that it brings!

Louise has an established online Live-Stream daily class service where students can participate in real time or simply catch up later (classes are available 24/7 to do in your own time). She is also available for private classes. You can find out more on her website Yoga With Louise

We will be featuring her with her own section on our Two Cats blog, where we will post news and updates, including product reviews.

We noticed a rather playful and sometimes ‘wicked’ sense of humour that Louise has, so you have been warned!

You can  find her on Facebook, Instagram (Ywl.live.stream), YouTube and Website at :


So welcome Louise –  from all of us at Yoga Essentials and the Yogiverse!

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