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Yogi Emoji Coming Soon to Your Smartphones

Emojis… They reflect emotions we can’t convey with words, they make chatting so much more enjoyable and can sometimes replace whole sentences. It’s really hard to imagine posting and chatting without emojis. No wonder, many yogis have been wondering why such a vast collection of emojis on Apple devices doesn’t have a yoga emoji.



Well, they heard us.
On July 17th, on World Emoji Day, Apple revealed some of the emojis that will be added to its devices later this year. The new additions include the long-awaited emoji of a yogi sitting in a lotus position.
By the way, it’s not just Apple who decides which emojis to add to its devices. These decisions are made by Unicode Emoji Subcommittee which is a part of the Unicode Consortium. The responsibilities of this subcommittee among others include reviewing emoji requests and developing design guidelines for different platforms.
Emoji 5.0 was released earlier this year. It offers 56 code points which can result into 259 unique emojis (including male, female and different skin options). Now it’s up to brands like Google and Apple to design emojis for their products. Apple clearly got started on that and it’s very likely yoga master emoji for Android is also on its way!

This year the emoji requests came from various sources. For example, “person in a steamy room” emoji was suggested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. As you see, emoji creation is a long and very exciting process!

Twitter has already adopted the changes so you can already add a yoga emoji to your tweets on Twitter’s website. Go here, copy the code at the top of the page near “Copy and paste this emoji”, paste it into your tweet and see it transformed into a cool yoga emoji!

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