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Waiting for a connecting flight or for you plane to start boarding can be stressful. Wandering around duty-free shops and drinking coffee in overcrowded airport cafes can hardly help you get into your zen state. That is why airports have started offering one more activity for passengers – yoga.


Spending 15 invigorating minutes (or more if the time permits) in a quiet room while doing a short yoga sequence – what a great idea! No wonder airport yoga is catching on. Here are some airports that have already embraced the trend.

Frankfurt airport

About a year ago Frankfurt Airport opened two free yoga rooms for transferring passengers. They are fully equipped with mats and yoga props and are open 24 hours a day.

Santiago International Airport

South America is also keeping up with the trend with first free yoga class organized this summer in Santiago International Airport in Chile. The complementary classes are organized during peak times and you can follow the schedule here.

San Franciso International Airport

In fact, this is the first airport to offer a yoga room to their passengers. They came up with this idea back in 2012. They now offer 2 yoga rooms available for domestic flight passengers free of charge.

Heathrow Airport

In order to practice yoga in Heathrow Airport, you need to have access to SkyTeam Lounge which is available if you are, for example, a SkyTeam Elite Plus member, fly business or first class on particular airlines or pay a fee. When more and more passengers started travelling with their iPads and TV lounge was becoming less popular, people at SkyTeam decided to convert a it into an elegant and relaxing yoga lounge by adding mats and instructional videos.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

If one day you’ll find yourself in a yoga room in Chicago O’Hare, you’ll be able to quickly recharge your batteries by following exercise techniques on a special monitor and listening to the sounds of nature. The warm colors of the room and the calming atmosphere will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of the airport. You can use the room free of charge.

These are only a few examples of airports providing yoga lounges for their passengers. Feel free to add the ones that you attended!

As you can see most yoga rooms are free, so if you are in for a long layover at the airport, check whether it offers a yoga room. And even if your airport hasn’t yet caught up with the trend, you can always do a few yoga breathing exercises and have a more enjoyable and less stressful flight.

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