Yoga for Bikers

PSY yoga is for everyone but this sequence is particularly good for bikers because it allows for more mobility in the IT band, piriformis, lower back, hip flexors, quads, iliopsoas, whole chest and shoulders.

Time to get off your bike πŸ˜‰ for a moment and do some dynamic stretches before or after your ride or on rest days.

Remember Always make sure not to over stretch. You can do this by listening to the body. When you feel it naturally pausing…then pause. Foam rolling is also excellent for those tight muscles! (More about that later)

Start with a few repetitions and once you’re familiar with the poses increase according to your body’s needs.
β€’ Arm swings
β€’ Standing side stretch
β€’ Standing bow
β€’ Shoulder stretches
β€’ 1 legged quad stretch
β€’ Alternating knee to chest
β€’ Alternating leg lifts
β€’ Standing figure 4
β€’ Hip flexor stretch
β€’ Wide legged forward fold
β€’ Side lunges
β€’ Warrior 2
β€’ High lunge
β€’ Crescent moon
β€’ Childs pose
β€’ Prone twisted scorpion
β€’ Upward facing dog
β€’ Cow and cat
β€’ Half happy baby
β€’ Figure 4
β€’ Twisted figure 4
β€’ Side stretch
β€’ Sacral massage
β€’ Savasana

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