Understanding Karma Yoga

The ultimate aim of yoga is supreme, uninterrupted bliss (moksha). How do we achieve it? Whether it is through study (Jnana yoga), unconditional devotion (Bhakti yoga), yoga practices (Raja yoga) or then through Action (Karma yoga), applied either singly or severally, this goal can be reached.

Of these, the most relevant for us in our present lifestyles would appear to be karma yoga (the yoga of selfless action) because we are involved in ‘busy’ activities 24/7. In fact, approaching work with the right attitude forms the bedrock of Karma Yoga and approaching work like a karma yogi provides us precious glimpses of the supreme bliss that all human beings ultimately seek.

Karma Yoga is also called the Yoga of Action. To understand the concept of karma yoga, it is important to know that action is unavoidable. Karma yoga is the way of turning this inevitable process to our benefit and to reach ultimate salvation.

Through the practice of Karma Yoga our existence is transformed from the proverbial boat that is tossed about in choppy waters (external situations) into a rock that faces the onslaughts with equanimity. It transforms us into more serene and controlled individuals.

Dr. Nagendra of the reputed SVYASA Deemed University of Yoga Research and Studies, has dealt with the subject very effectively through his books.In this issue, we have brought to you a sample chapter from his book “The Secret of Action” that will give you an insight into the philosophy of Karma Yoga – a potential avenue for your further exploration.

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