That’s Why Yoga Is Changing Your Eating Habits …

Some people hardly change their diet once they start practicing yoga, others suddenly find themselves craving healthy vegetable-based foods. There is no denying that eating habits reflect your way of life. So just the way yoga affects your lifestyle, it may change your eating habits. Here are the 3 ways in which yoga can affect how and what you eat.

Yoga makes you more mindful about your body

As you try to get the poses right and your breath right, you exercise not just your body, but also your mind and attention. This way you become more aware of what is good for you and what’s not, what foods make you feel light and energetic, and what products make you feel crummy.

When you read an article that says eating processed is not good, it’s not convincing enough for you. But when you fully realize how awful you feel after eating a bag of chips, it inspires you to make healthier choices.  No one knows better than you what diet is best for you. And yoga helps you to hear that voice.

Yoga promotes healthy habits

As you get into yoga, you start communicating with a lot of new people: you hear other students and your yoga instructor discussing their diet, you start reading about yoga and Ayurveda, about how you should favor particular foods depending on your dosha type and what spices can make you feel better and stay healthier. All this new knowledge is slowly but surely changes your eating habits for the better.

Yoga helps to fight addictions and bad habits

Addictions are not just about alcohol and cigarettes. People can be addicted to drinking soda, for example, or to indulging themselves in eating lots of chocolate whenever they feel stressed.

Each time you perform a certain action, new connections are shaped in your brain making you more likely to repeat that action in the future. And that’s how habits appear.

As you start doing yoga more regularly, a whole new pattern in your brain is shaped. Ultimately it becomes stronger than patterns responsible for your bad habits and that’s how you get over them.

Doing yoga regularly is a habit that doesn’t come alone. It brings along a range of other healthy habits that make your life so much better.

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