SUP Yoga Special Feature – Penny Slein Yoga

Penny Slein Yoga

This week we feature Penny Slein Yoga from Durban, we spoke with owner and Yoga Teacher Penny Slein to get some insight on how they do their SUP Yoga practice.|

Penny Slein Yoga

How did you discover Sup Yoga?
My daughter and I were out supping on a calm beautiful day, the kind of day where you can just lay on the board out at sea and become immersed in the wonder of the ocean. We figured why not do some chaturanga and downward dog. It became fairly obviously very quickly that its an excellent way to really activate the deep core muscles as you have to continually stabilize yourself.

Penny Slein YogaWhere do you teach?
I teach fun group or 1-2-1 lessons on the Point Waterfront canals, out at sea and at my home in Durban North.

What Yoga do you do on a SUP?
On the SUP you really can do hatha, vinyasa and yin.

Benefits of SUP Yoga which might not be found in the usual practice?
SUP yoga provides an unstable base so your mind body connection has to be stronger so that you can fully engage and distribute your weight evenly. It makes being present easier. You have no time to think about any drama as you are focused on trying to not fall in the water. Although, that’s not a problem either as you can cool off. It’s a great way to test your co-ordination, heighten proprioception
(sense of self-movement and body position, sometimes described as the “sixth sense” – Jaina) engage the stabilizing muscles, strengthen your core and improve posture.

Some features of SUP Yoga unique to it?
What makes it unique are all the above factors plus being outdoors, in the sunshine and fresh air.

What kind of person does SUP Yoga (if there is any type)?
Anyone of any age can do SUP yoga and you can wear what-ever you want. It is a fun filled down to earth practice that focuses more on having fun than anything else.

Penny Slein YogaAnd then of course a humorous anecdote about something that happened to you or a student/friend doing SUP Yoga.?  😊
I have somersaulted off my board a few times but hey, you have to laugh and enjoy all of it. Plus…you never know when the dolphins are going to come out

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