One glass is enough – Yoga in the time of covid

In our first feature we have Chandre’s story of how she had to adapt to Yoga in the time of covid.

As Covid spread around the world at lightening speed in 2020, so many small businesses suffered incredibly. As soon as I realised there was a chance yoga studios would be shut down, I made plans to take our business online. As a yoga teacher in her fifties, who is camera shy and had never even taken a selfie before, it was a very daunting task. In South Africa, only necessities were being sold, so it was impossible to get equipment for professional online classes, so my phone was put into a glass, which acted as my tripod and I bravely entered the unknown world of online teaching.

Initially, I found it hard to connect to my students energetically and I would be drained after a class, but it didn’t take long to adjust and adapt.

It has been a really incredible journey. I am so grateful to everyone who shows up for their zoom classes (some in pJ’s) and who continue their practice online with me. I have got to know their pets, kids and families as they all join into classes uninvited. It’s been a journey.

I am optimistic that we will have group in person classes again soon. ‘All is coming’ is the mantra for now.

Thank you for inviting me to share my story.


Chandre de Jager

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