Office, Plane or Chair Yoga

Yoga is good for your immune system. When the body is in a state of stress it produces cortisol which lowers the immune system. A few minutes of yoga every day lowers stress levels, increases circulation and boosts immune system.

Chair yoga is perfect for times when you’re in the office, having to sit for long periods of time or even on a plane. See what space you have around you or what space you can create. Use the furniture or equipment, move your body and get the circulation going.

• Head tilts side to side
• Wrist rolls • Side bend
• Shoulder rolls
• Torso twists
• Cat stretch
• Thoracic rotation with bend
• Chest fly • Eagle arms
• Figure 4 • Ankle rolls
• L-shape
• Calf raises
• L- shape twist and toe touch

Make the sequence longer by repeating each pose a few more times. Always listening to messages the body is giving you. Also connect with me on or Instagram @pennyslein_yoga and Facebook Penny Slein Yoga or if you’re in Durban, South Africa book into a PSY class! Namaste, Love, Light and Blessings to you, Pen xx

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