How to Create a Home Yoga Space

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere.

It’s relatable across all cultures, languages, and countries. It can be practiced independently in the comfort of your home, outside in Mother Nature, or in a room full of people.

The options are endless.

Once you learn the basic postures , the practice can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

Wake up. Sleepily walk to the toilet. Gulp down some water. Step on your yoga mat. And flow!

Sounds simple enough, right?

While actually practicing yoga every damn day can be quite challenging, mostly because the mind loves to make up excuses, it can also be incredibly simple. And when practiced in the sacred space of your home, oh man, it’s everything you think and then some….

If practicing yoga in the comfort of your home sounds appealing, then creating a home yoga space should be added to the to-do list…

Below are the must-knows for you to create your very own home yoga space, based off my personal yoga space, and others.

Please deviate from my tips, add in what you need, add in what you want, takeaway ish you’re not digging….. just make it your own yogis, because after all, it’s for YOU and only YOU!

What to do in your yoga space:

  • 5 – 10 sun salutations upon first waking up to awaken & energize the body.
  • Light stretching before bed to quiet the mind and relax the body.
  • A yoga practice of any kind – it’s your studio so anything goes!
  • Meditate.
  • Practice pranayama (breathing) exercises.
  • Read books, write in a journal, reflect on the day or week ahead.
  • Get creative – make a vision board, dreamcatcher, or take a nap!
  • Enjoy a glass of wine or a steamy cup of hot tea.

Where to create the space:

  • Choose a room or area in your home where you can be undisturbed and find some quiet time.
  • If you have an outdoor space and live in the sunshine state (like me), then outdoors is best.
  • A flat surface is key for balancing postures and to root down into the Earth.
  • A room with an abundance of natural light, we all need that vitamin D.
  • Anywhere that lights your inner fire!

Yoga supplies needed + props:


  1. Yoga Mat– I keep a lightweight, inexpensive mat outside and use my heavy-duty mat for yoga classes. If your practice is only at home, invest in a durable mat! For a yoga mat buying guide, check out my article 
  2. A yoga towel for comfort, easier grip, and to absorb the sweat.
  3. Mexican style blanket – super inexpensive and so helpful. You can read about the benefits and uses
  4. A bolster is a beautiful prop with so many benefits – it helps open the heart, can support the low back, aids in restorative postures, helps to go deeper into postures, or it can be a pillow for afternoon naps.
  5. Meditation pillow– not necessary but a great addition if meditation and pranayama exercises are part of your yoga practice.
  6. A strap can aid in flexibility and making a lot of postures more accessible. Even if you are flexible, it just makes everything feel juicier.
  7. A set of blocks – so crucial! These babies are like flour when making dough. They help in almost any posture to feel grounded, balanced, lengthened, or relaxed. Required purchase!
  8. A yoga sandbag to help the body deepen and relax into postures. My favorite is to drape over the feet during legs up the wall pose – it takes all the pressure off the low back!

How to decorate your space:

*This is my favorite part, get creative, have fun with it, anything goes!

  • Lanterns of any size, shape, or color.
  • Plants that are easy to take care of – both of mine require one watering per week.
  • A Buddha statue – easily found at your nearest TJ Maxx or Ross.
  • Incense + an incense burner or essential oils + a burner.
  • Candles and more candles.
  • Seashells, crystals, rocks – something nature related to ground you.
  • Hanging embellishments – wind chimes, dreamcatchers, sea glass or seashell decorations.
  • A portable speaker to play some soothing tunes [icon name=”music”].
  • If outside, a lamp to create mood lighting & possibly bug spray.
  • If inside, hang tapestries, curtains, or string lights to create an inspiring environment.

What do you think yogis, is this doable? We both already know the answer to that questions, it’s totally doable!

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