Fresh Yoga Styles to Know About

Yoga has been around for quite a while. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s evolving over time. You can still practice yoga the way it was done hundreds of years ago. At the same time, new yoga styles appear to offer additional benefits to students or to cater to people with particular needs. Let’s see what’s new in yoga!


This is not very new. It was invented in 2003 but has gained a lot of popularity lately thanks to breathtaking #AcroYoga photos we frequently see on Instagram. Acro Yoga is practiced in pairs. The person who takes the role of Base is lying on the ground and Flyer is performing yoga poses using Base’s legs and arms as a support. There is also Spotter whose responsibility is to make sure the pose is done in the right way and the Flyer can land safely. This yoga style strengthens your body, it develops your communication skills, and teaches you trust!

Yoga with animals

This is not a yoga style you can get a certificate for. Rather a way (a very popular one lately) to enhance a traditional yoga class.
Practicing yoga with animals has become very trendy. Some yoga studios organize cat yoga classes when cats walk around the class while the students are doing their usual sequences. And a farm in Oregon was a total hit on the web a couple of months ago after they organized Goat Yoga classes. Some horse farms offer horse yoga classes. If you check #yogawithhorses tag on Instagram, you may see how challenging those horse yoga poses may look.
Many people practice yoga as a way to get back to the basics and to connect with nature. And animals are really helping to reach this goal. We all know spending time with animals helps to live through some stressful periods in life. So it’s great news you can now meet animals in yoga studios, especially if you don’t have pets at home.

Aqua yoga

Doing yoga in the water reduces the pressure on joints, making yoga accessible to older people, for example. Yoga brings you into a relaxed state of mind and combined with the soothing effects of water it works wonders for your nervous system.
Those attending aqua yoga classes mention increased mobility, a better sleep, and lower stress levels as results of their practice.

It is also possible to get Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher certification. The list of Aqua yoga teachers and facilities is available here.

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Other unusual yoga classes you recently attended? Share in the comments!

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