Can You Challenge Yourself To Master The Uncomfortable?

Yoga is about finding a balance between the comfortable and the uncomfortable.

Do you struggle with a specific posture in your yoga practice? When I first started practicing yoga back in 2014, I was terribly afraid of crow pose. I could not balance myself on my hands. Crow pose was hard and uncomfortable and scary at the same time. I was so afraid that I was going to fall flat on my face each time I lifted my feet off from the floor.

That fear of falling on my face made me seriously uncomfortable when we were asked to do crow pose in our yoga classes.  However, I was someone who loved challenges. I wanted to do crow pose so badly! So I decided to master the uncomfortable. I practiced crow diligently in each and every single one of my yoga classes. After a few months I was able to lift both my feet off from the ground! I was so happy!

Then, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor. I pursued the 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2015. And during my teacher training, I was asked to teach a whole class of beginners how to do crow pose! I was so nervous because my crow was not perfect. And even though I was told that my crow didn’t have to be perfect for me to teach people how to do crow, I wanted to be able to hold crow pose for at least 5 seconds.

I practiced crow so many times during my teacher training that I had bruises on my triceps. I challenged myself to master the uncomfortable. I challenged myself to still the fear in my mind of falling down. I worked on improving my focus and concentration because this is a very important factor in crow pose.

I no longer fear crow pose now. Because when you set your mind to challenge the uncomfortable, you will eventually be able to fly. Crow pose helped me improve my focus and concentration. It also helped improve my core strength over the years. But most of all, it gave me the courage to master the uncomfortable.

Do you have the courage to master the uncomfortable in your life?

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