9 Why Is Yoga Practiced Barefoot?

When you step into a yoga class, you are very likely to be asked to take your shoes and socks off before stepping on the mat. That’s the way yogis practiced hundreds of years ago, and that’s the way people are practicing yoga now. And there are many reasons doing yoga barefoot is a good idea.


It strengthens your feet.

When you practice barefoot, you engage the smallest muscles in your feet which are inactive when you are wearing shoes. This way you are making your feet stronger and healthier.

It helps you do the poses the right way

As you know, your body is your temple where your soul resides in. And your feet are the foundation of this temple. It’s a lot easier to balance when your feet touch the surface.
Some poses require you to grab your toe. It won’t be easy if your feet are covered with socks or shoes.

It massages your feet

When your bare feet touch the surface, it stimulates the nerve endings in the soles of your feet. These nerve endings send signals to your brain making it possible for the body to figure our proper balance and joint position.  As a result, you feel more grounded.
If you have your reasons to wear socks  or special shoes to your practice, for example, you feel cold or you are very concerned about the way your feet look, it’s totally fine to wear socks to a yoga class, no yoga teacher will make a fuss about it! In all other cases, it’s strongly recommended to practice yoga barefoot. It’s safe, comfortable, and very healthy!
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