They call them building blocks for a reason. Yoga blocks are essential tools to help you find balance, explore new poses and help bring comfort to your practice.

Meet our in-house yoga teacher, Anne Spinner, who shows us how beginners and advanced yogis can use blocks whether it’s at home or in the studio. Follow her on Instagram or check out her website for more info.

1. Supported Heart Opener

With a block under the spine and one under the head, this pose opens up the chest and throat.

2. Supported Pigeon

This hip opener gives a nice stretch to the lower back and hips. The blocks help keep things from getting too deep.

3. Seated Cobbler’s Pose

Open up your hips and groin with this great back stretch.

4. Seated Forward Fold

Using one or more blocks placed at your feet, you can get into a deeper stretch of the hamstrings, back and spine.

5. Triangle Pose

While using the block as a balance point and squeezing your thighs for more stability, this strengthening pose gives a great side body and outer hip stretch.

6. Extended Side Angle

This pose is a great hip strengthener and opener. Bringing a block to this pose gives you more depth without the risk of collapsing at the hips.

7. Half Moon Pose

This balancing pose strengthens and opens your hips while honing your focus of balance.

8. Supported Headstand

Blocks are a great way get into this back strengthening circulatory system refresher. With support for your head and arms, finding your balance becomes easier.

9. Crow Pose

Being able to fully lean forward strengthens your arms, core and shoulders while honing the balance needed to eventually nail it without the blocks.

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