Yoga Poses for Teens

From stress, to emotional and physical downfalls, and not knowing how to deal with them. Teenage years are commonly experienced and recognized as the most challenging period in one’s life.

Yoga, however has proven to restore peace, reduce impulsivity, increase patience, promote self-discipline, reduce stress and help build up one’s confidence physically as well as emotionally, thus proving to be very beneficial to teens and young adults during their “hormonal” years.

From doing as little as 15 minutes to as much as an hour of Yoga a day, can help teenagers improve their overall well-being.

These following yogasansas will help teens to unify the mind, body and soul.

The Warrior Pose

Also known as Virabhadrasana, increases flexibility in the hips, this pose also strengthens and tones the legs, ankles and feet. Working on the Warrior will help you kill all standing poses as well as hip openers. In this pose we get a twist for the spine, while the opening up the shoulders and the side body prepares us for back bends.

The Warrior Pose symbolizes our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. The warriors bring us strength, focus, confidence and courage.

Stand with both feet together then take your right foot one step back, in 90 degree angle, slowly stretch your hands up over your head and deepen the stretch slightly with each exhalation.

Remember to keep the length in the lower back. Many have the tendency for the pelvis to tilt forward in this pose making a stronger arch, or crunch, in the lower back. Please avoid this, rather than tucking the tailbone under, look to keep length in the lower back by ‘lifting the pit of the abdomen’ instead.

The Triangle Pose

Trikonasana. To make this pose easier to practice, one should use a block or chair. Practising this pose, helps shape a teens body as well as provide improvement on posture (well needed in today’s day and age.)

The triangle pose helps in stretching your thigh muscles, hipsas well as groin. Along with relieving stress, the Trikonasana provides relief from back pain and constipation while strengthening the back, hips, and thighs.

To do this pose, stand straight on your right leg and bend at the hip in such a way that your right hand reaches your shin or the floor. Rotate your shoulders slowly and repeat the process again on the other side. This posture will make you stronger and train you to do more difficult asanas.


Standing Forward Fold

Uttanasana. This pose places your head near your heart, which stimulates the body. It also relieves insomnia and headaches, not only that, but also improves your digestion and gets those kidneys activated!

This pose is fantastic with stretching the hammies and calves as well as increasing strength in your knees and thighs, it stretches your spine and helps develop those beautiful abs that we’re all wanting. This pose is also a pre-exam stress and anxiety reliever.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart then hinge forward from the hips and bend down slowly. When you pull your head down and push the hips up, you should feel your spine and hammies stretch. Bend your knees enough to allow your palms to touch the floor. Stay in this position for three to four breaths. Remember to use your belly to inhale and exhale. Release the position slowly – keeping the back straight, bend your knees slightly, and slowly pull pack into a standing position as you exhale.

When practising this pose, deter from locking your knees or rolling your shoulders and back when getting into formation.


The Downward Dog.

Energize that body!

As simple as the explanation comes.

This pose works the best when you’re all bright and breezy before breakfast time. If you have mild depression, this pose is for you! And if you experience fatigue, this pose is for you too!

To execute this pose, place your hands under your shoulders and knees hip-width apart on the floor (like a dog), spread those palms and slowly move your hands forward while pressing your fingers onto the mat to increase your grip. Curl your toes under and slowly push your hips upwards, to make an inverted V with your body. Your knees should not be touching the ground now, keep those knees slightly bent.

Stay in the position for three breaths, then release back into your original position.


Tree Pose

This pose proves to be excellent in releasing frustration and in building your mental power.

Place your feet together and make sure that you keep them fixed to the surface of the floor. Then slowly move your one leg in upward direction and hands in prayer position, above your shoulders. AND repeat with the other leg.





As you’ve probably realized from reading this post, Yoga provides many benefits for a growing teen, not just for the improvement of the body, but for the improvement of many other aspects that are crucial in their lives today.

So get cracking!

Thats all from me.


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