All the Fun Facts

About Nicky Oram
Nicky enjoys ‘swanning’ and ‘horsing’ around and has been invited to Mexico
About  Nana Wen
Nana is a creative bird of paradiseĀ  who likes to Zumba with
About Lauren Pinnoy
Lauren is a fairy who likes to live in her forest with
About Marrion Clarke
Marrion is a wise owl, but has no idea why there is
About Louise van der Walt
Louise is a busy bee who veges out on popcorn after looking
About Penny Slein
Penny is a White Tiger who loves mint tea after Standup Paddle
About Chade Moore
Chade loves a tipple of gin while watching Formula 1 and being
About Chandre de Jager
Chandre loves the sun and getting sweaty, but lets penguins visit her
About Rona Joubert
Rona made a remarkable recovery, but a student claimed that books were
About Lee-Ann Elliott
Lee-Ann liked the man but loved the Yoga and invited a penguin
About Nadya Booyse
Nadya is a serious wolf (who likes comic relief), so keep her
About Marlise Els
Marlise loves triple tall cap coffee and has a sweet tooth forĀ 
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