How did you cope? Or rather, “How am I coping?”




The past 18months have certainly been a rollercoaster, and not the fun kind where you’re throwing your arms up in thrill-seeking excitement!

When I sat down to write my story I closed my eyes to reflect and the images popping up in my minds’-eye from the past 18 months were blurry, grey in colour and flat. There are definitely pops of colour in there but I needed to look a little harder to find them; to find the birthday celebrations, intimate weddings, outdoor picnics and walks on the beach or in nature with loved ones and my doggo.

Our brains tend to focus on the sad and overwhelming moments, and my anxiety has been wanting to be front and centre too. I know I’m not alone in my feelings and being open about them with those I trust has not only strengthened our bond but allowed us to heal, to know there is community in love and suffering.

Journaling has also been a wonderful outlet for me. Paired with journaling is a daily gratitude practice. These tools have really helped me cope and helped me notice the blessings, however small, that are in my life.
Regular movement, especially dancing, has brought me joy. I started tap classes and now every Thursday I can stomp my frustration away!

My dog, precious Dooley, has been the biggest blessing to our lives. We adopted him in December from Blue Bundu Brigade. He helps me practice present-moment awareness and reminds me to connect to my surroundings with all of my senses, to be completely immersed in the “now.” He is Heaven sent, my beautiful boy.

What did you have to change?

When teaching children’s yoga was no longer an option last year I was sad, angry and overwhelmed. I just had a successful Term 1 of teaching children and it was pulled away from me with no warning.

I let my creative juices flow during lockdown (I am a big day dreamer) and decided, with the support of my incredible partner, to grow my little yogi’s illustrations over lockdown. I started with the three little yogi’s in my logo and finished with 12. Each little yogi is practicing a yoga pose and has an affirmation attached.

From there the idea for a memory game with a difference emerged – A Mindful Memory Game. After some time, the idea for an Earth Conscious Colouring Book came to life. More ideas for bespoke yoga inspired games and products (which are strictly local and sustainable) have slowly been created in my mind and will, in the future, make their way into existence and onto my website.

I still plan on teaching children, I love it, it is so rewarding. But I’ll do so in the form of workshops and spontaneous pop-ups.

How did you adapt?

I remind myself of this constantly:
Focus on that which can be controlled. Focus on your attitude and what is happening right in front of you.
Change is the only constant.
Grow in love, keep love and gratitude front and centre always.
Hope is a beautiful thing

Grow in love

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